Hubotik: Laboratory for motion analysis, biomechanics, ergonomics and motor control research

Marsi Care is fully equipped with a specialized motion capture system for the study of movement, postural control and motor control, whose main function is to serve as a facility for the development of therapies and research studies using the most modern and diverse tools, including robotic exoskeletons for rehabilitation for both adults and children.

Thanks to this highly specialized technology it is possible to accurately measure in 3D the movements of the joints and study the muscular actions involved. These analyses can be performed for human gait, upper limb and neck function, and allow studies on motion assist strategies, ergonomics and posture diagnosis of different pathologies, as well as for healthy subjects.

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The laboratory includes Vicon Nexus motion acquisition system and eight Vicon Vero infrared vision cameras which function is to locate the position of the markers in 3D space during their movement. For the complete study of the movement, the laboratory includes two Kistler force platforms to study the ground reaction force while making any gesture on them, and the Noraxon Ultium EMG electromyography system composed of 16 sensors.

Other tools available include medical equipment to measure different vital signs, such as temperature and heart rate, as well as a hand-held dynamometer to measure the force exerted by a patient.

In addition to the study of movement, the laboratory is used as a facility for the development of research studies and for the application of therapies with the MAK and ATLAS exoskeletons.


Vicon Nexus 3D motion acquisition system, consisting of 8 infrared cameras, several markers and specialized software
Kistler force platforms High-precision plates for measuring force while walking.
Noraxon EMG system 16 surface EMG sensors and specialized software.
Hand held dynamometer “hand held” dynamometer for force measurement at the extremities.
Digital thermometer Digital forehead thermometer.
Digital forehead thermometer Digital forehead thermometer. Digital forehead thermometer Measures diastolic and systolic pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate digitally automatically in both adults and children of all ages.
Height Gauge Instrument for measuring different anatomical measurements, such as hip width.
Robotic Exoskeleton MAK Robotic knee brace with variable stiffness, fully portable.
ATLAS Robotic Exoskeleton A pediatric walking exoskeleton that supports the child from the trunk to the feet.