Powered Knee Orthosis

First robotic powered knee orthosis with elastic joint actuation, fully portable. It provides strength, mobility and joint stiffness control in an active way, with user intention detection. Active and passive operation modes selectable. Fully sensorized, provides gait parameters like range of movement, force and velocity, plantar pressures and center of pressure trajectory. It analyzes the biomechanics of the patient’s gait and works to improve it.

Clinical benefits

Improves the quality and speed of the gait.

66% Reduction of rehabilitation times.

Physical evaluation integrated in the device.

Potential use in home rehabilitation.


MAK Active Knee has CE clearance and indicated for use in gait rehabilitation in patients affected by hemiplegia or knee weakness. Currently tested successfully in:

  • Rehabilitation after total knee arthroplasty


MAK is currently under clinical trial for extending its use for:

  • Rehabilitation of brain damage (stroke)
  • Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Treatment of Muscular Atrophies
  • Treatment of Muscular Dystrophies
  • Assistance in cases of muscle weakness due to age

User requirements

  • Max weight 100 Kg
  • Contraindication: Osteoporosis, severe spasticity and skin conditions negatively affected by orthotics

Frequent questions

If you have any questions or queries regarding this product, send us your inquiry to

What kind of movements does the MAK assist?

The MAK is able to assist, through the Modes of Operation, the movements of sitting, standing, walking and going up and down stairs.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life will depend on the type of movement the MAK assists. On average, the battery lasts a little over 4 hours.

How much does the device weigh?

The MAK weighs 3.2 kg, including the battery.

Therapy centres

You can currently receive your MAK therapy at the following rehabilitation centers

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