Our Team

Dr. Elena Garcia, Promoter and Co-Founder

Elena is a founding partner and leads all phases of innovation and business of the company. PhD in Robotics, Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Scientific Researcher of the Spanish National Research Council at the Centre for Automation and Robotics. She has 20 years of experience in research on walking robots. Recognized among the 10 top scientists in Spain, she receives the CSIC’s Scientific Merit Award every year since 2013. She has registered 7 patents, 3 of them extended internationally, and has received more than 35 recognitions for its excellent work in science and technology transfer. Shee is a member of important international committees, including the IEEE RAS Industrial Activities Board.

Ignacio Barraqué, Co-Founder and CMO

Ignacio is an Entrepreneur expert in health IT with great technological disruption. Founder and co-founder of technology-base startups in areas of health, social care and offline marketing. Economist who brings more than 15 years of skills in management of process innovation, product development and sales strategies. He oversees Marsi’s strategy to drive revenue and business growth, Market trends, Contract agreements with clients and distributors.

Inmaculada Uzquiano, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Inmaculada coordinates and leads financial management, supervises the administration and finances of the company. She holds a degree in business administration from CUNEF, an executive MBA in E-business from IE Business School, postgraduate degrees in accounting and auditing from the Alcala de Henares University and international business from Comillas University. Inmaculada has over than 30 years of experience leading financial and management areas in both industrial and service industries, with a background of 20 years advising and mentoring innovative companies in collaboration with many entities as IE, Madri+d or CDTI. EASME coach.

Alberto Plaza Flores, Chief R&D Officer

Alberto oversees research, design, and pre-development processes of new devices at Marsi Bionics. He is an industrial engineer specialised in electronics, automation, and robotics from the Alfonso X El Sabio University, Master in instrumentation and control from the International Society of Automation (ISA) and PhD student in automation and robotics from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has extensive experience in the development of engineering projects, carrying out tasks of planning, management, and elaboration of electromechanical and control design proposals.  He has worked in important companies in the industrial sector, joining Marsi Bionics in January 2016, where he has completed the Industrial Doctorate of the CAM (IND2017/TIC-7698).

Eva Barquín, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO)

Eva leads the Marsi Bionics clinical team. She supervises clinical trials and product evaluation and coordinates relationships with doctors and clinical professionals. She supports Business Development, Engineering and Commercial departments in all matters related to the clinical application of the products. She is graduated in Physiotherapy from Comillas University, holds a degree in Occupational Therapy from UCM and has a Master in Neurorehabilitation. Eva carries more than 10 years of experience in robotic neurorehabilitation, she has worked in Ekso Bionics since 2015 supporting the EMEA market and as Clinical Manager in Asia Pacific (2019-2021).

Víctor Chacón, Chief Institutional Relations and Communication Officer

Víctor is in charge of institutional relations and communication at Marsi Bionics. With a degree in Political Science and Administration (UCM) and an expert in institutional communication (INAP), he has more than 12 years of experience in different Public Administrations at national (Vice-Presidency of the Government), regional and local level. In private sector, he has directed the Public Affairs area at PUBLIC, specialised consultancy firm of Accenture.

Francisco Javier García, QUALITY MANAGER (QM)

Javier supervises the implementation and management of Marsi Bionics’ quality system (ISO 138514) and the certification procedures for medical devices. He is a Chemical Engineer from the University of Valladolid, Master in Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid, and has multiple courses in quality systems and certification of medical devices. He has more than 10 years of experience in quality management in companies and as a consultant, working in health services and medical device clients.

Francisco García Fernández, Production Chief Officer

Francisco is heading the operational areas of manufacture and warehouse. Industrial Technical Engineer, electronics from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Executive MBA from IE Business School. He has more than 30 years of experience in industrial areas in both national and international leading companies in its sector, managing the factory, warehouse, engineering, industrialisation, and after-sales departments in industries with a high level of demands and with a large regulatory component (defence, aeronautics, telecommunications), implementing new work procedures in his areas of responsibility.


Iñaki is responsible for the development and industrialization of Marsi Bionics products. He defines the technological strategy of the company and supervises the different phases of the design. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the School of Engineering of Bilbao and has more than 10 years of experience in the development and industrialization of mechatronic products in the automotive sector, managing multidisciplinary teams and playing a key role in strategic planning, technological innovation, work procedures and methodologies and generation of standards.

Carlos Sanz , Project Manager

Carlos is software engineer and responsible for the EXPLORER project. He is an Industrial Engineer specialising in Process Control, Automation and Robotics from the UPV with stays at the EPFL and PoliMi on Artificial Intelligence, Microcontrollers, Control and Industrial Automation. He has worked as a systems integrator with collaborative robots in the automotive sector and as an embedded software and control engineer in the ATLAS team, accumulating more than 5 years of experience.

Helena Garcés

CLINICAL ANALYST (Industrial doctorate IND2018/TIC-9618)

Cristina Aguado


Carlos Cumplido

CLINICAL ANALYST (Industrial Doctorate IND2022/TIC-23501)

Silvia Gómez-Tavira

Back Office and Human Resources

Teresa López


María Dolores Gor García-Fogeda


Daniel Gabari

After Sales Support Technician

José Pérez

Production Technician

Natalia Ibáñez

Public Affairs and Communication Technician

Guillermo García


David García


Lucía Ruiz Sabajanes

Biomedical Engineer

Alba Gutiérrez

Industrial Design Engineer

Enrique Marín

Electronic Engineer

Fernando Aneiros


Alejandro Navarro

Production Technician

Jaime Rozalén

R&D Technician

Jose Antonio Sandoica

CAD Designer

External collaborations 

Marsi Bionics mantiene una estrecha colaboración con organismos públicos de I+D. Entre ellos cabe destacar la colaboración permanente con el Centro de Automática y Robótica (CSIC-UPM). Las personas que habitualmente colaboran con nosotros son:

  • Mar Hernández Melero / Ingeniera en Automática y Robótica CSIC
  • Raquel Peña Duque / Fisioterapeuta