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Founded in September 2013, Marsi Bionics is recognized as a high impact SME developing disruptive innovative therapies to the healthcare sector. The innovative, high-tech nature of Marsi Bionics motivates the increasing trust received from the European Commission and other public and private organizations. In fact, one month after Marsi Bionics foundation, the company won a highly competitive Phase1 of the Pre-commercial procurement, SILVER PCP , supported by the European Commission as part of the FP7 Framework for the development of healthcare technology for the Elderly. Marsi Bionics was one of the 7 tenderers out of 50 European consolidated companies that competed in this PCP. Marsi Bionics is considered one of the best SMEs of the Future Europe, taking part in the SME Instrument Program of the European Commission and having received the Seal of Excellence.
During the first year of business development, Marsi Bionics has received a number of awards, as the second prize at the European Robotics Investment Forum, again competing to solid robotics companies across Europe. European Bussiness Schools and Multinational companies have awarded Marsi Bionics as the company providing “Health of the Future” (IE Bussiness School + Accenture), and ICT for health clusters have also awarded Marsi Bionics business (eVia-AMETIC: 1st prize at INNOVAeVia awards). Most recently Marsi Bionics received the CEPYME 2015 award for the Best Entrepreneurial Project, delivered by Felipe VI, King of Spain.

Marsi Bionics emerges as a Startup spun off from the Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR), joint center between the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). More than 20 years of know-how on robot locomotion have been transferred to this SME, which now exploits and brings to the market research results on robotic aids to locomotion and gait rehabilitation.

A strong background on legged-locomotion robotics was inherited from CAR, such as gait generation, foot-ground interaction control, variable stiffness actuation, stable locomotion in natural ground, dynamic balance control and robustness to perturbations.

Added to the transferred know-how, Marsi Bionics is also involved in research activity, primarily conducted towards improving the performance of current exoskeletons for particular use at home. To approach this goal, Marsi Bionics is involved in R+D+I projects to provide self-balance capabilities (KINDER project, DPI2013-40504-R, National funding) and gait training of  neuromuscular diseases (EXOTrainer, “Clinical evaluation of gait training with exoskeleton in children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy” EC FP7-Echord++).

Marsi Bionics Pitch



CEPYME 2015 Award to the Best Entrepreneurial Project

1st Prize to the Best Startup Pitch, IE Venture Network Toledo Brains & Capital, IE Business School (National Paraplegics Hospital Toledo), March 2014.

2º Premio: “2014 Robotics Entrepreneurship workshop” del eu Robotics Investment Forum, por el taller “Wearable lower-limb exoskeletons”, marzo de 2014

Santalucia AWARD 2014: “Tú eliges a quien ayudamos” Santalucía Seguros Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (2014)

Santalucia AWARD 2015: “Tú eliges a quien ayudamos” Santalucía Seguros Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (2015)

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