ATLAS 2020 / 2030 Pediatric Gait Exoskeleton

ATLAS 2020 / 2030 Pediatric Gait Exoskeleton

    Our pediatric gait exoskeleton ATLAS has been designed to provide walking capabilities to children afected by paraplegia, tetraplegia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, CMD, Myopathies.  Provides 3D walking. Dimensions are easily adjustable to child growth. It only requires 5 minutes for attachement to the body. This model requires an auxiliary frame attached to the exoskeleton to control lateral stability. Includes ARES technology for intelligent joint stiffness control. Physical user interface based on motion intention detection. Also joystick available.

    Sizes from  3 to 14 years.

    Bateries included.

    Weight: 14 Kg

    Now available for clinical research in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Please Contact for further information.


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