Our Technology

Marsi Bionics’ products are modular gait exoskeletons, ranging from single joint active orthoses to full Trunk-Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot active orthoses.

Marsi Bionics’ exoskeletons make a difference in performance thanks to its patented controllable-stiffness actuation technology, which emulates the behaviour of natural muscle.

Making use of this technology Marsi Bionics’ exoskeletons personalize the gait therapy, adapting to each patient’s needs. This unique feature is what makes Marsi Bionics have a wider market application than other exoskeletons companies, as Marsi Bionics’ devices provide physical therapy to a number of neurological disorders featuring musculoskeletal complications. Marsi Bionics’ wearable exoskeletons constitute a technical aid to spatial mobility and also gait rehabilitation, targeted to patients affected by neuromuscular diseases, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, or elderly.

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