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Jorge was born on April 5, 2010. He arrived quickly and smoothly, at 38 weeks and 3 days. He was a beautiful baby with emerald eyes and very, very calm. But something told me that this quiet was not normal. Finally, the pediatrician announced muscular hypotony and the need to be examined by a neurologist. From that moment on, there was a whole traffic of medical consultations, hospitals, specialists and early attention, full of diagnostic tests. We still do not have an accurate diagnosis. The Clinic does not agree with any metabolic disease or with a clear cause. The lesion observed in his brain, leukomalacia type – more frequent in premature babies – does not justify that Jorge does not walk, nor is he able to sit alone, nor articulate correctly, nor barely speak. In short, nothing is known for sure. What we do know is that Jorge advances with work and effort and with the therapies and professionals, which we are lucky enough to have found on this long road. Little by little he is gaining strength, manipulative skills and speech abilities. He can now pronounce words more and more clearly.
We have a life to go as far as Jorge wants to go, with enthusiasm, motivation and a lot of effort. When we discovered the bionic exoskeleton just two years ago, we immediately understood that it was the solution to get Jorge out of his immobility. Getting him up and walking is the best therapy to have a better quality of life and advance in his cognitive and physical development. We feel lucky that Jorge, being part of this clinical trial, was able to prove it. Jorge’s three sessions with his exoskeleton have confirmed what we expected and have exceeded all our expectations. It is a playful and motivating therapy for Jorge, who smiles happily and puts all his efforts into taking his steps. It is touching to see him and feel that he is aware of the change that the exoskeleton represents, his new vertical position and his new look at the world: the one that is common to the rest of the children but that he experiences now, at the age of nine, for the first time. Jorge is happy, you can’t ask for more… his face says it all! The first session with his sister was exciting: for the first time we saw the two brothers standing, playing together. The emotion of seeing them like that is indescribable. So happy!
For all this we need continuous treatments with the exoskeleton, which gives us hope that Jorge will evolve. We want to spread this experience and take the necessary steps so that this technology reaches many children and families. Without a doubt, accessing this therapy will constitute a great change in their lives as it is already constituting ours.
We need diffusion and financing to make this dream come true and continue walking together. Will you help us?

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